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Art Rental
Like Butter Play Toast

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Art Rental 'Like Butter Play Toast' is a collaborative commitment involving myself (Jomar Statkun),

the connoisseur (renter) and my art.  I commit to only loaning my artwork (to never sell it),

and the connoisseur commits to only renting my artwork (to never buy it).  This mutual understanding and agreement strives to keep the relationship between artwork, artist (myself) and connoisseur close - as in the words of the late Biggie Smalls,

“like butter play toast”.

Art Rental 'Like Butter Play Toast' attempts to step away from the idea of “owning art”.
Instead, it emphasizes the experience of “living with art” while nurturing the relationship between the connoisseur and the artist. By consciously placing the artworks outside of an art market that fetishizes the buying and selling of art, it attempts to shed some of the transactional baggage that accompanies being involved in such a market. Art Rental aims to serve those who appreciate art but do not want to commit to a specific artwork, or those who simply cannot afford to purchase art. This collaboration thinks small and local - much like your favorite neighborhood bakery - and thus potentiates the experience, the community and the daily joy art dreams to bring.

  •  All artworks cost $30/month (one dollar a day) + tax & transaction fees, delivery & framing costs

  •  ​Artwork must be rented for at least 6 months and for no more than 2 consecutive years

  • The provenance (rental history) of the artwork will always be transparent and part of the artwork

  • The artwork will always only be for rent, it can never be purchased (no rent to own arrangements)

  • The artwork will always only be rented, it can never be sold (only forever for rent)

  • (Optional) Installation service = $100  (+ $25 for each additional artwork)

For info & inquires:

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